Welcome to FilterPro!

Hey there! thank you so much for stopping by FilterPro! After debating whether or not to start up this site we’ve finally decided to jump into it whole heartedly this year! We cannot wait to see what lays ahead of us and where we will be able to take this site and the community that grows along with it.

Essentially, this is an online marketplace for photographers selling their Lightroom presets to the world. It provides a safe and user friendly platform to sell and buy presets for those who do not have one. While this site is predominantly focused on the marketplace, we would also like to create a community of interaction and education. A space where the the “Pros” can pass down knowledge to those who are in need. If you’re looking to take your work to the next level then this is the place for you!

If you’re brand new to the editing world, Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing software that allows you to transform your images into a beautiful and professional work of art. (Pick up a copy of lightroom here) In saying that, to achieve amazing images requires very specific settings applied to the images which can often take hours to achieve. With our quality checked presets, these settings from the pros will save you hours of editing time, allowing you to get out and create more awesome work!!


If you’re ready to get started, check out the store to discover which style suits you best. Alternatively, check out our Instagram page (@filterpro.co) to see some examples in action.

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